Helical Gearboxes RAP



Torque ratings consistently high, gear ratios in close progression, numerous mounting options along with compact dimensions will ease the engineering of any application.The housing from nodular cast iron ensures robustness even in the harshest environment and the class of precision the gear are machined into helps producing an extremely quit and vibration-free operation.


 Main features:

  • Torque 800 ... 36750 Nm
  • versatile installation possibilities
  • Completely enclosed, sealed against dust
  • Long life because of worm gear is made of bronze aluminium based on  (ANSI/AGMA(6034-B92 .
  • Low noise gearing
  • Corrosion protection

Application Samples:

  • Bucket conveyor drives
  • Conveyor drives
  • Running gear drives
  • Paper machine drives
  • Dryer drives
  • Water screw drives
  • Crushers








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