About Rahnama

In Iran gearbox producing industry Rahnama's products are always one of the most important options for industries managers. this is not only because of high reliability of products, but also because of unrivable quality of our products. Over 31 years this company as a gearbox manufacturer has set some new standards in Iran gearbox industry such as high precise finishes, gears with specific and custom modules, and also producing different kinds of custom gearboxes.

Rahnama MFG. commenced its initial activities by achieving the necessary administrative permitions in 1981. The construction deployed in an industrial zone in Arak, the center of markazi province. The whole Plant at the beginning was consist of the production workshop, the assembly and final test works hop, the painting room, raw materials warehouse, parts and tools warehouse and administrative buildings. After the complition of the civil works and installation of machinery, the production and manufacturing of industrial and food machinery such as pasta production line, tissue production machinery, metal rolling machines and spare parts was commenced till 1989. In 1989, we started manufacturing of industrial gearboxes in very limited range. And now, the diversity of our products, is more than 15000 different items, considering sizes, ratios, installation methods and motor connection.

Good communication with customers results in conversion them to our business partners in the way that a large number of key industries in Iran such as petrochemical, oil and gas, refineries, cement factories, steel have used our products. In Resume page some of the great cooperation that we have had the honor of working with them has been mentioned.

Using our products assures productivity, energy efficiency, high reliability, low noise and long life for your machines.

Low Noise

Energy Efficiency

Great Productivity

Long Life

High Reliability